Making Storytelling Magic More Consistent

The Challenge


A global creative agency wanted to develop a more consistent, shared approach to storytelling. While the agency continued to win awards and land significant contracts, it tended to rely on individual skill and experience over shared processes that could be taught and spread across the agency.

Our Solution

Ei conducted a series of discovery interviews with strategic leaders to better understand the agency’s client pitch process, as well as how the strategy teams developed briefs for their creative teams. These interviews identified a common pitfall of creating presentations (both internal and external) that were data-heavy and lacked a clear, compelling narrative through-line. We developed a one-day storytelling seminar that introduced three frameworks for crafting and sharing compelling stories.

Workshop Outcomes

Strategists who participated appreciated the iterative process we taught for quickly writing, sharing, and revising stories, as well as the frameworks that helped make a sometimes nebulous process more clear and defined. In one example, a workshop participant later shared how she applied one of the frameworks to craft a pitch for new work that resulted in $.5M in new work.

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