February 24, 2014

You as an Expert

Have you ever wondered who experts were before they became masters in their field? They were simply students, just like you. They were full of questions, concerns, hopes, dreams, and challenges. But, how did they navigate all of that? Who, if anyone, did they rely upon?

Experts became who they are through their experiences. They spent time with great people who were willing to share their stories—teachers, researchers, writers, speakers, peers, family, friends, and so on.

You can become an expert, someone who has great knowledge and ability within a skill or craft. Doing so entails embarking upon meaningful, mind-sharpening, inspiring experiences that propel you into your field. It then requires becoming a great storyteller – someone who works to share your expertise to future experts.

Your stories will not only teach others how to think and live, but they will also spark action.

Illustration by The Project Twins

If you become a great student, you’ll be a great expert. People will listen to you and learn from you. But remember, they’re listening because you first listened.

Learn how to share those lessons with those around you.

Because, the greatest experts are really just the best students.

The Spark You’ve Been Looking For

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