July 07, 2021

Three Ways to Build Trust

When I first started Ei, a kind soul named Jeff taught me about building trust as a brand. We talked about three things: authenticity, consistency, and transparency, or ACT. Over the years, I've come to realize the framework applies to more than just business. Here's the breakdown:


If you enter someone's world with secret motivations or a fake identity, you break trust. But if you know and stay true to yourself and have clear motivations (generally, to be helpful), you gain trust.


If you only show up occasionally, or worse, don't show up when you said you would, trust is broken. If you show up regularly, even when it's hard, trust is gained.


If you hide something that would impact whomever you're in relationship with, you break trust. If you share honestly (and early), you build trust. (Yes, there are things that don't need to be shared, but you'll know. And if you're unsure, ask a friend).

These three principles apply to nearly every relationship—between a leader and a team, a coach and players, a teacher and students, significant others, friends, etc. The nuances may shift, but the fundamentals are true. The more you apply each, the more trust will grow. If any of these dip, so too will trust.

If gaining trust requires these three things, which do you need to focus on next?

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