May 01, 2019

What Do You Care About?

Everyday, you make thousands of decisions. Some feel easy. Some require a lot of thought.

The ones that require the most energy are tied to what you really value, things like relationships, purpose, and health. Since the topic of work/career often mixes all of those things together, life can feel shaky when a change occurs or a new phase begins. It’s easy to go from “I wonder what should I do next?” to “OMG, who am I?!

Sometimes you make a career move as quickly as possible out of fear, other people’s expectations, or not having the time/resources you'd ideally want. But decisions rooted in those motivations can lead to deeply negative feelings like resentment, anger, and regret. That’s not just bad for you, that negatively impacts everyone around you.

The goal is to find a way to navigate those transitions with greater clarity and confidence. This is the first of three posts tackling this thorny but ever-more-common problem.

Start Small

Remember there is no such thing as a perfect destination. Whether you have lots of options or you’re starting from scratch, you only need to think of your next step. And the biggest decisions often start with the simplest questions. In this case, deciding what’s worth doing next often begins with “What do you care about?”

But What DO I Care About?

Think about the things you’ve been paying attention to lately. What situations have frustrated you? What do you wish were different in the world? What headlines do you look for?

For today, take five minutes and think about your day. When you wake up, commute to school or work, eat lunch, finish your day. Where do you experience "pain points"? What problems or challenges are you noticing? You might also notice when things feel just right or good. These can be personal, organizational, or societal.

Make a list of 3-5 things. Once you’re finished, put that list in a safe place and then head to Week #2: “What do you enjoy making?”

PS: The team and I have launched a deck of cards for life's transitions on Kickstarter. Snag your deck of cards here.

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