October 25, 2023

Invitation: Leap Session

One summer during college, I landed an internship in LA. I mentioned to my manager that I was playing goalie for my college team, and he shared that he had played semi-pro. We instantly bonded.

I was struggling on the field, so I asked if he could coach me. He agreed but held me to high standards. We met weekly at 5 am for intense 60-minute sessions tailored to my weaknesses. That next season was one of my very best.

After college, I started coaching youth teams. But I didn’t have a strategy to help all those young players improve. I started watching videos, scouring the internet, etc. It wasn’t doing much. So I started chatting with other coaches, and we eventually formed a group to share best practices. As I workshopped ideas with them, my coaching skills finally began to click and my teams started looking forward to practices and playing better!

The workplace is similar.

Individuals start their careers by playing well. Then they’re often promoted without proper training to switch from players to leaders in their companies. They’re on their own as they search through random outside resources that often don’t apply to their specific context.

Thankfully, more companies now have internal “Learning Leaders” – people who are dedicated to development and coaching within their companies. In fact, those types of roles have grown over 160% in recent years!

But if you’re the one trying to help a group of people “play better,” that path can still be lonely—full of demands, questions, uncertainty, and a lot of disparate options.

So we're piloting something new: Leap Sessions.

As we prepare for 2024, we’re going to pilot small, virtual gatherings of people who lead learning in their organizations. You might be a learning leader who wants an inside look at Experience Institute’s workshops across key growth areas. Or you might be someone who’s in charge of your team’s coaching and development. Maybe you’re both! These Leap Sessions are for you.

These free 60-minute sessions will be intimate, guided conversations focused on the most pressing areas where your people may need to learn and grow today. In each session, we’ll zoom into a skill area and share a specific framework from one of Ei’s workshops. You’ll have the chance to try it on for yourself, and then discuss with peers in similar roles how and where you can use it with your team.

These sessions will be:

Brief: 60-minute mini workshop and discussion
: Focused on one Ei’s Practice Areas: Self Leadership, Storytelling, Management, or Innovation
Community Oriented
: An intimate peer group of other Chief People Officers, Learning Leaders, Directors, and Managers limited to 10-12 participants.
: Clear actionable takeaways and tools

If you're in charge of learning on your team or in your company, just add your name here. We'll get to know more about you and open our first free session in mid-November

Excited to pilot this with you!

Sign-up for Leap Sessions Here


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