Leap Sessions

Hello! As we prepare for 2024, we're piloting virtual gatherings of people who lead learning in their organizations.

You might be a learning leader who wants an inside look at Experience Institute’s workshops across key growth areas. Or you might be someone who’s in charge of your team’s coaching and development. Maybe you’re both! This is for you.

These free 60-minute sessions will be intimate, guided conversations focused on the most pressing areas where your people may need to learn and grow today. Rooted in research and hosted in small groups, we’ll zoom into a skill area and share a specific framework from one of Ei’s workshops. You’ll have the chance to try it on for yourself, and then discuss with peers in similar roles how and where you can use it with your team.

If you're a leader in charge of learning on your team or in your company, sign up below for more info. Thank you!