May 08, 2024

Announcing Ei's new CEO!

Dear friends of Ei,

I started Experience Institute in 2012 when I was just 26 years old. Fresh off of my “self designed Masters,” I was ready to take on the world with a new kind of learning.

Over the past dozen years, the company has evolved and matured. We’ve worked to create a solid business that is financially sustainable, independently owned, and focused on the mission of helping leaders and teams grow through Leaps — a process we built from the ground up. Today, I’m immensely proud to say that Ei is healthier than ever.

Now it’s time to support our next chapter of growth.

Next week, I’ll be stepping down as CEO of Experience Institute. And the really exciting news is that the incoming CEO is already part of the team!

Sara Loncka has been a longtime friend who formally joined Ei in 2021. Over the past three years, she’s helped grow Ei’s workplace learning business. Under Sara’s care, our learning experiences have become more rigorous, impactful, and memorable.

Sara Loncka brings a wealth of Learning & Development experience ranging from working in theaters and classrooms, to supporting executives at Chevron, Meta, and Disney.

Last August, when we decided to pause our college work and focus entirely on teams and leaders, Sara and I began working even more closely together. I’ve seen her ability to focus on customers while also thinking about the health of a solid, sustainable business. She has the trust of our entire community — from longtime clients, to our incredible team, to our caring advisors. I could go on, but you get the picture. Ei is in great hands.

An Amazing Team

Of course, Sara won’t be doing this alone. Today, there is a tight, core team that leads Ei’s daily operations and a network of world-class instructional designers, facilitators, and coaches. When a company chooses to work with Experience Institute, they’re working with a group of people who aim to be true partners — hyper-organized, customer-focused, and aptly experienced in helping teams work better together through experiential learning.

While everyone is trying to convince you that an async video course, or an app is going to develop your people, we’ll be here to show the power of live learning, coaching, and self-directed projects that connect the content back to the learner’s daily life and work.

This is a one-of-a-kind shop that helps teams take Leaps forward, together.

Becoming a COB (and taking a sabbatical)

As for me, I’ll be shifting to an advisory role as Chairman of the Board. As part of that work, I’ll build a community of advisors from the arenas of Talent Development, Leadership Development, Org Design, and Executive Education.

But first, it’s time for my first-ever sabbatical. Later this month, I plan to hike a portion of the Camino de Santiago through Spain. It’s a pilgrimage I’ve always wanted to do — totally offline and solo for a couple of good weeks. It’s my own next Leap.

Thank You!

Whether you’ve been here since the beginning or you just joined, thank you for being part of this journey. I feel like I won the lottery over the past 12 years. Not just because this work has been so meaningful, but also because of the remarkable leaders and friends I've worked with along the way. I'm sure we'll do more together soon.

Next, say hello!

As we prepare for this transition, I’m collecting thoughts and notes for Sara and the Ei team. Can you share more about what you’re excited to learn or experience next? What challenges are you currently facing in your work or company where Ei might support?

Just leave your thoughts here (ideally before I sign off next week!)

Can’t wait to hear from you.

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