October 25, 2013

A Year In My ART World

I have goals and I know what I’m searching for, but how do I know if I’m on the right path?

I ask myself: Am I using my resources effectively? Have I been properly educated up to this point? Are the right people around me to help me reach my goals?

Simply answered, I don't know.

What I do know, however, is that I’m being intentional.

I highly value relationships in my life. I demonstrate what I value to those around me by choosing my words wisely and making sure they really mean something. In my mind, every interaction is an opportunity to practice intentionality.

What happens to a person like me, though, when the world is screaming at me to move faster, reply quickly, and forgo personal interaction for the sake of getting something done is that I feel something is missing. To me, something isn't "done" unless I have made an authentic connection with whomever I'm working alongside.

Since joining Ei, I've learned a lot. However, much of what I've learned is not what I'd expected. I had expectations for my experiences in Chicago and hopes for specific outcomes. I know that I am only a couple months in, but this year will quickly pass, so listening to my heart is vital.

If I am not intentional in how I move forward this year, I run the risk of losing sight of something even more beautiful than what I'd expected.

So, I am shifting away from my expectations and remaining true to myself by being intentional. I will stop asking myself, "Am I on the right path?" And instead ask, "Am I being intentional and true to where I am at right now?"

Answering this question expands my capacity to see the world and others with a wider lens and with a greater perspective. And that, I believe, is a perspective worth holding on to.

Take courage as you live with intention,


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