October 30, 2019

Your Recommendations

Every so often, you help a friend make a new discovery and it works out beautifully.

  • You recommend a restaurant that fits the occasion.
  • You introduce a new band that becomes a favorite.
  • You send a podcast or book that sparks a new thought.
  • You connect two people who end up falling in love.

And those moments feel good.

Being part of someone else’s discovery is rewarding because it reminds us of a deeper, universal truth that even though each person is on their own path, you have the power to help someone move forward.

Even better, that power rarely requires much time or resources. You can share even a small thing that might inspire, encourage, support, or help someone through an important time — all by listening and then warmly speaking up.

Is there someone around you who’s searching for something — a student, a colleague, a family member, a friend? Is there something you can share that might nudge them forward?

Take a minute to do it. You’ll be glad you did.

Happy Wednesday,


PS: We just opened nominations to our newest post-college program with UC Berkeley. The Experience Lab is a global work/study program designed for someone who doesn’t want to jump into grad school yet, would like a chance to work with a growing company, and of course, enjoys a good adventure. The first cohort of students is in Buenos Aires, Sydney, Dublin, and Chicago, and they're soaring!

Click here to share someone who may enjoy hearing about the program and we’ll personally follow up with each nominee. Thank you!

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