November 09, 2022

Your Biography

The best biographies are the ones that make you feel you're right next to the main character. They are full of surprising details — notes from journal entries, raw photos from their adventures, artifacts from journeys, etc. Those little nuggets help create an authentic story that connects with people on a soul-level. And those are the stories that are passed along and inspire others to live with greater conviction and hope.

My life isn't interesting enough to be a biography.

Your life is full of twists & turns, ups & downs, challenges & successes. If you're alive (everyone reading this), you have a story. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you'll get to know yourself better, and the more you'll learn about what you can contribute to the world around you

Where to begin?

You don't have to write your autobiography to tell your stories. Start by documenting pieces of your work through writing & media. Doing so will help you discover interesting threads throughout your life. And when the time is right, those threads will help you share your journey with your team, your industry, or simply those you love most.

A few ways you can begin today: write a few reflections each morning or each week in the same place, document your celebrations with your team every Monday in a weekly form, organize photos from your most important experiences into albums, or present lessons from your life & work every year in a blog post or presentation.

Your experiences will shape you.

Your stories will guide you.

And sharing will inspire others.

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