June 01, 2022

You Are Here

When I was growing up, I was always searching for some type of destination.

First it was about places: a big city, a good college, the right career.

When I ventured to design my own education, new types of destinations appeared: impact, innovation, lasting change. And even though those sounded more noble, I sometimes found myself pursuing them with so much drive and speed that it began to wear me down and even feel as shallow as any other external pursuit.

How, Not Where

As I get older, I find myself increasingly interested in how I travel, as opposed to where I'm going — to live with awareness, acceptance, and fewer attachments. I'd rather learn to carry myself, and my work, with greater lightness rather than get to some "ideal" place feeling spent or beat.

Where are you?

How you travel through your days matters more than where you're going. If you move through life rushed and anxious vs savoring and enjoying moments, your experience (and the experiences of those around you) will be very different.

In other words, how you live today is your life, and it will determine how you live and where you go tomorrow.

You are here.

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