April 22, 2020

Writing, Puzzles, & This Friday

I’ve always loved writing. The cadence, the poetry, the grammar, even the shape of letters. Writing is a puzzle. I write just long enough to see a picture with words. You might read the very same words and see an entirely different picture. That’s part of the magic.

There’s also power in mixing words with making something you can hold — a poster, a guide, a book, a deck of cards. Having an object in your hand takes those words and creates whole new dimensions. You can be with them without the distraction of a screen. You can sit across from a friend or a student, a child or a colleague, and point at the pictures you’re seeing. You can wrestle with the words and then look up from your kitchen table with the proverbial lightbulb above your head and say, “Wait! I have an idea…"

Our most recent creation at Ei is an invitation...

...to write and complete your own puzzle. To explore what picture you see when you ask “What’s worth doing?”

We didn’t know COVID-19 would take over the world when we designed the cards. But it did. And now, that question has occupied our minds in an even more significant way.

  • What’s Worth Doing with my kids when they’re home all day?
  • What’s Worth Doing with my team as our business navigates a major dip?
  • What’s Worth Doing with my neighbors as they face fear or loneliness?
  • What’s Worth Doing with my health as I try to stay well during this time?

These are just a few questions you might be facing.

The power of words come when they’re used — absorbed, remixed, rewritten. They give us a chance to see a picture. And that picture, even a fuzzy outline, offers clarity amidst chaos.

What’s Worth Doing is a deck of cards with 85 words that are easy on the eyes and lovely to hold. All they need is someone to put them together — to make sense of the puzzle and see a new picture.

This Friday | April 24th at 2pm CST

Our team is inviting people who backed our Kickstarter or recently purchased What’s Worth Doing for a short session on how to use the cards. Even if you haven’t purchased WWD yet, join us to learn how using words to build a mindmap can be a simple way to see the picture in whatever puzzle you’re facing.

The entire session will happen over video and take just less than an hour. Register here and I’ll send the call-in information.

We can’t wait to see what you see.

More on Friday,

Victor & The Ei Team

*Above illustration by the ever-so-talented Abby Lossing.

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