June 30, 2020

Wednesday Words

It’s hard to believe we’re halfway through 2020. And though it’s felt like a decade has passed in six months, we have another six ahead of us. Consider this your mid-year nudge. And commit to take your next steps with energy and commitment. Anything flies with those two ingredients. Anything.

At Ei, we just launched a new 7-day virtual retreat called Career Leaps. Like many of you, we’re seeing, hearing, and feeling the effects that COVID-19 is having on all of our careers. So we've adapted curriculum from across Ei to give employees and individuals a chance to check in with their values, beliefs, and career trajectory — and then design their next steps.

Personally, no matter how many times we launch a new program, it feels both nerve-racking and exciting. Writing curriculum, building the website, creating the video, reaching out to new and old friends — it's a remarkable privilege that the team and I don't take lightly. Really looking forward to seeing who joins.

If you’re interested in enrolling, or offering this type of program to current or past employees, just reply and we can discuss. Early bird pricing ends tomorrow.

For now, here's your next batch of must-read articles to inspire and nudge you forward.

You've got this,



Photo: Credit: Shivam Bhushan

On Tokenism

The pandemic and recent BLM protests have introduced challenges in nearly every work environment. In this piece, Roxane Gay answers readers’ questions on careers and work-related issues. Worried about the tokenization of her black employees, one small business owner asks if it is appropriate for her to be using photos and videos of her black employees for marketing purposes. Another reader writes of her dissatisfaction with her current job, and expresses guilt in feeling this way when millions are facing unemployment. Read more on Roxane’s response to these workplace dilemmas. New York Times.

On What's Worth Doing, Episode #2

The Ei team and I recently launched a video series called What’s Worth Doing. Every month or so, I interview career professionals on the leaps they’ve taken throughout their careers and the leaps they’re taking next. In episode 2, we hear from my dear friend, Samir Wagle. Samir led restaurants and food brands like McDonald's, Chipotle, Boudin, and Protein Bar. But he began to realize he was spending his days following other people's expectations rather than writing his own story. After a few leaps, he found himself restarting his career and helping people find their place in the world. And in doing so, he found his. I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Samir. Youtube.

Photo: Credit: Chiara Ghigliazza

On Fostering Belonging in the Workplace

Creating a welcoming workplace culture is essential to maintaining employee productivity and general business success. In our increasingly polarized world, many companies have trouble fostering a sense of belonging amongst their employees. In this piece, the authors offer strategies on how to build belonging in the technology-driven, remote work environment we’re in today. The piece concludes, “Implementing these types of belonging strategies will not be easy. It will require organizations to have a diversity lens to help make sure they are creating the opportunity for everyone to contribute equitably.” Creating belonging is not easy, but with conscious and consistent effort, it can be built over time. Start today. Deloitte.

The Spark You’ve Been Looking For

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