June 27, 2013

Why Not?

Growing up, I was that child that annoyingly asked “why?” because I had this insatiable curiosity to know the reasons behind people’s behaviors and actions.

But as I grew older, I added ‘not’ to that question because I became more interested in the reasons behind their hesitation or why they didn’t do something. We have an undetermined amount of years on this Earth, so it’s hard to understand why not risk to explore, learn, and achieve?

I will admit that risk-takers tend to share that ‘why not’ mentality. The personality traits of risk-takers have been studied for years and it has been determined that it is a type of personality that is heavily influenced on biosocial factors. As for myself, I’ve taken more than a few risks in my life, but not before careful analysis and planning. It takes me a while before I leap, but the leaps I’ve taken thus far has helped me become who I am and getting me where I want to be—happy and fulfilled. And I can say for certain that my leaping will continue throughout my life.

For those who have a difficult time in taking risks, ask yourself “why not?” Write down the pros and cons and share it with family and friends to get their perspective. In addition to sharing your potential leap with others, stay inspired by learning about the experiences of people who’ve taken similar risks.

I stay inspired everyday by getting lost here, here, here, and here.

And if you really want to get inspired, check out Victor’s Leap Year Project book. The book will no doubt encourage you to do something that will change your world.

Keep in mind that every risk, big or small, will require you to leap.

So, what are you waiting for? Start leaping.

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