March 02, 2022

When Things Are Uncertain

Lately, I’ve felt the pull of competing work and life demands, which has been compounded by the news from Ukraine. It’s hard to make sense of everything while leading and building well.

The science around personal resilience suggests that when facing uncertainty, pressure, and a quickening pace in life, creating a simple schedule builds resolve. Here’s a version I’m working towards:

  1. Wake up early.

  2. Meditate, read a few pages in current book, write about recent events in my life.

  3. Prep for the day — shower, breakfast, etc.

  4. Start with deep work. One thing at a time for bursts of 30-60 minutes with breaks in between.

  5. As the day progresses, invest time and energy into the team. Help them do great work.

  6. Connect with customers in an authentic way: calls, meetings, create resources, etc.

  7. Exercise after work. Get out of my head and into my body.

  8. Make dinner and spend time with people I love.

  9. Enjoy something inspiring, playful, or meaningful. Sometimes, this means learning about local/global events and understanding where I can contribute.

  10. Go to sleep at a reasonable hour.


There is no perfect schedule for any one person. But routines create both a sense of rootedness and flow, especially during seasons where events seem out of your control.

How about you? What does your day look like and how can you adjust?

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