July 12, 2023

What's Working? What's Missing?

Last Sunday, during one of those perfect summer days, Katie and I decided to go for a long bike ride. Within our first few miles, we noticed the back tires on both of our bikes were low. Luckily, a nearby bike shop was open. We had just enough air to get there. After a quick visit, we were back on the road.

But here’s the thing, if we weren’t riding together, chances are we would have kept riding until our tires were totally flat. Together, we were able to notice something was off, and then make a plan for fixing it.

Writing Wednesday Words is like riding a bike with all of you.

And it’s genuinely one of my favorite things to do alongside the Ei team.

Every once in a while, it’s helpful to check in to see what’s working well (or not so well). Last year, we heard that you really value the mix of personal stories with related, summarized articles. So we stripped a few things and focused there.

Now, it’s time for another check-in. Inspired by my friend Eric Nehrilch, and Michael Bungay Stanier’s newest book, we’ve created a simple form with three questions:

  1. What is most valuable for you in this newsletter?
  2. What is least valuable for you in this newsletter?
  3. What is this newsletter missing?

We’ve added some multiple choice to make it quick to respond. As a thank-you, we’ll share a 50% off coupon code to select items in the Ei Store, and a sneak peek at a few things we’re launching later in 2023. And of course, we’ll continue making this weekly(ish) note as helpful as possible.

Share your thoughts here: https://expinstitute.typeform....

Thank you!

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