May 06, 2019

What Do You Enjoy Making?

Last week, we wrote about listing 3-5 things you care about (see part 1 of this series here). You may have spotted things around your home, neighborhood, and in the news. Or you may have noticed moments when you felt inspired or energized throughout your day. Some of the things people have shared back with us include:

  • I can’t believe how much time I spend on a screen. I care about helping my friends (and me) connect more in real life.
  • I recently went on a trip and noticed how much we waste when we travel. I’m curious about environmentally friendly travel and touring options.
  • My daughter loves the book, “Hats of Faith” and it makes me so happy. I realized that I care deeply about helping people from other cultures better understand one another.

Whatever you noticed, keep those images, stories, headlines, and notes close by. They’re part of your “why” for whatever you attempt next.

Next, what do you enjoy making?

Everyday, you do things. You do your laundry, you do the dishes, you do your hair, you do…life.

But you also make things.

In the English language, the word Make is used for producing, constructing, creating or building something new.

Whenever you’re considering a change, it’s helpful to think about small things you can do or attempt to learn about yourself or your world. The more specific those things are, the more easily you can envision them and follow through (it’s much easier to "make a salad" than it is to “eat healthy”). And since you're trying to find a small project or experience to attempt next, specificity will be helpful.

It’s also a meaningful reminder for your own self-worth and understanding —you’re not just a doer, rushing from one task to the next. You have the ability to make. The person who enjoys gathering people is a maker of gatherings. The person who enjoys cooking is the maker of meals. The person who enjoys caring for people is the maker of a home or a community.

Start by looking back.

What kinds of things have you enjoyed making in the past? When do you lose track of time because you enjoy what you’re doing so much?

A few more examples to get your mind moving might include:

  • Painting a landscape (Art)
  • Acting in a play (Performances)
  • Preparing to present to your team (Presentations or Talks)
  • Hosting an event (Gatherings)
  • Rallying people to donate/purchase/vote (Campaigns)
  • Thinking about the financials for a new product/service (Business Plans)
  • Researching and sharing how people used a product or service (Reports)
  • Building a new website or piece of software (Digital Products)
  • Designing a home or office (Physical Spaces)

There are no wrong answers here. Take notes throughout your week and list as many as you can.

Then narrow to the top 3.

Week #3 is next: “Who do you like working with?

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