February 02, 2022

We’re hiring!

It’s hard to believe Ei has been around for nine years. Along the way, we’ve transitioned from a single, year-long program for individuals to travel, work, and learn as an alternative to college, to a full-fledged learning studio with projects and teams supporting thousands of individuals in higher ed and workplaces across the globe. We’ve launched an array of products and programs, but three things have remained at the center of this work:

  • Risk

  • Learning

  • Friendship

On that last note especially, I’m thrilled to share that we’re now on the search for our next full-time team member: a Senior Facilitator and Program Strategist.

There are too many exciting things to share about the new role in this email. Instead, follow the link below and pass it far and wide. If you, or anyone you know, might be a great fit, please be sure to send them the link. We’ll be on the search for the next few weeks.

It’s an exciting time to be around Ei. The team, the people we work with, the work we do, and the path we’re on is really special. We can’t wait to see who joins us next.

Thanks for sharing!


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