April 14, 2016

Think ashram meets start-up accelerator

“We must therefore rediscover, after the natural world, the social world, not as an object or sum of objects, but as a permanent field or dimension of existence.” - Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Phenomenology of Perception

If you choose to entertain the vantage point that everything is connected, literally everything, it can lead to the idea that our work and creations are living parts of ourselves. Therefore, when contemplating what goods, services, arts and products to invest time and energy into making, it’s strikingly worthy of exploring how the nature of our being is embedded into those tangible extensions. In other words, the societal impact of the design of goods and services we create is dependent upon the foundational state of our being.

How can we transform our own personal growth into alignment with the creation process?

Perhaps, as we continue to expand our own consciousness, the tools and techniques we assemble can also become transformational catalysts for others. In theory this may sound simple, yet a daily practice of on-going transformation is not a light endeavor. It’s also not one to undertake alone. It necessitates a community with the same caliber of commitment.

Fortunately, a community like this was recently created. And I’m in the thick of it.

I’m pleased to introduce to you, The CoHack Home! This is a new project that merges living, working, and transformation. We are a group of people who are choosing to act upon this perspective and explore the implications in ourselves and in the impact of our work. Our intentional community is made of 10 scientists, hackers, artists and entrepreneurs living in a home overlooking the expansive natural landscape in San Carlos. The mission of the home is to act as a base and cultural nexus point, supporting Bay Area entrepreneurs, makers, investors, and visionaries seeking to innovate spiritual practice, growth and well-being.

Although we are just getting started, it’s fascinating thus far. We engage in hacking our consciousness from multiple angles, including explorations of modern technologies and practices involved with transformational healing modalities. In addition to hosting events and workshops, we share morning routines of exercise and meditation, hold engaging brainstorms, team up on tech and design projects, support each other in intrapersonal processes, celebrate authentic relating, cook delicious and healthy food, hike together in the gorgeous hills, strategize and execute bold plans, experiment with tools at the intersection of technology and consciousness and set intentions of love and beauty. In times of struggle, we lead each other back to our own hearts.

This experiment demonstrates that it is possible to merge the ways of peaceful life in a meditation ashram with more energetic ambitious work pursuits. We celebrate that through being the best version of ourselves, our creations catalyze others to be their best selves too.

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