April 23, 2014

The Hero's Journey Stages: A Framework for Storytelling

I recently discovered that I am a hero, a hero on an incredible journey. And so are you. I want to introduce you to The Hero's Journey stages. This 4.5 minute video will explain it all:

Joseph Campbell's work on The Hero's Journey has been a wonderful framework for improving my storytelling ability and understanding the adventure I'm on as a founding student with Experience Institute.

0. Status Quo

It's only been 8 months, but those days seem so far away.

1. Call to Adventure

Applications are open for a new, experience-based school!

2. Assistance

This is where the whole Ei team comes in!

3. Departure

Hop on a plane to arrive in Boulder, Colorado at Skoop HQ, luggage in-hand on the first day!

4. Trials

Working with Alex Bogusky was one of the most amazing challenges ever!

5. Approach

I'd definitely call the first term a success...what happens next?

6. Crisis

I'm in the darkest hour, facing my biggest fears, but now I can start to see the light.

7-10. Treasure, Result, Return, New Life

To be determined!

11. Resolution

AKA graduation, where the thread between our three terms will be woven.

12. The new "status quo"

... but better!

This simple cycle diagram is so powerful. I'm able to keep the big picture in mind when times get tough. I don't know if there will ever quite be a "status quo" but I'll be sure to keep my ears open for that next call to adventure and so should you. :)

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