June 09, 2015

Student Stories: Term II

Before embarking on their third and final term, students employed story as a tool to reflect on their learnings from the previous three months. They've shared these learnings through photos, writing, and video. Click their names below to learn more about the paths they've blazed during Term II.

Lance Henderstein experienced both the feast and famine that exists in big creative agency world. His time with SapientNitro allowed him to sample life as a copywriter, which clued him on what to expect if he were to pursue it as a career after Ei.

Jonathan Lazatin taught at a design thinking and tech-focused high school in the Bay Area. He went there hoping to instill passion for STEAM subjects in his students. What stuck with him from the term, however, wasn't so much about the subjects he could teach, but what his students could teach him.

Olenka Hand fled the city and felt the power that space, both human-designed and natural, have on a person. She worked at a retreat hotel in the middle of nowhere, Texas, which was imbued with "psychedelic" and "Native American vibrancy."

Zak Tracy travelled to the "land of opportunity" (Bay Area), where he helped manage product development processes and assist in the launch of a new product company called Fellow. After successfully raising $2.5M from angel investors, Fellow was ready for business and Zak was given the green light to make a big impact.

Toph Carter jumped at the opportunity to join a creative agency in Madrid who works on projects for clients like IKEA. Not only did he witness a company maintaing a graceful balance between business and creativity, he did so while improving in a second language. No problema.

Chevy Williams was determined to make Term II what she wanted, but was instead forced to answer the question, "What do you do when things don't go your way?" Her term was strewn with opportunities to practice both patience and persistence, which did eventually lead to a payoff – it just took awhile.

Stephanie Kang has realized that learning doesn't always arrive in the sequence you'd expect it. Sometimes, we have to learn what we need to learn before we can learn what we expect to learn. Additionally, her term in LA, working with a sister design duo on collaborative workshops, provided space for quite a few epiphanies – eight to be exact.

Nicole McCabe was introduced to forms of fatigue previously foreign to her, as she completed an intensive coding bootcamp in Chicago. Beneath her technical learnings, she uncovered a path to expertise, which, ironically, involves avoiding perfectionism.

Zeke Bogusky is prototyping a version of Ei for pre-college students. His second term took him to the Bay Area office of the ride-sharing company Lyft. As a production assistant on the Lyft video team, Zeke is continuing to see how his passion for music, animation and video can work together to create big brand names.

Melanie Kahl is still in the midst of a commitment to an NYC-based design group. She's continuing to impart her love for organizational design to the processes of the design firm's social impact group. Over the last couple weeks, she's been working on one of their initiatives in India. (NOTE: Her name is hyperlinked to her Instagram account, as she'll tell the full story of her apprenticeship once her current project is wrapped up. Stay tuned.)

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