July 26, 2023

Start Here

There were some sweet replies to last week’s framework. But after sharing the importance of knowing where you are and where you want to go, we heard a question come up:

“What if I have NO IDEA where I should Leap yet?”

Let’s dive into that question.

First, it’s ok. The world has been upside down for the past few years. Industries are changing rapidly and the idea of a “career” is changing constantly. We’re losing trust in companies, and our entire identity as a “worker” is needing to be redefined by every…single…person.

All of this is leading to record-low engagement, and record-high turnover.

So let’s find some footing on this side of the equation:

To figure out where you want to go, you can start by exploring where you ARE today. Start by asking yourself a few simple starting questions:

  1. Where do you feel stuck in your life or work today?
  2. What media are you taking in — what are you watching, reading, or listening to? Why are those things drawing you in?
  3. Who is inspiring you — which leaders, artists, organizers, or everyday people do you admire and respect? Why?
  4. What challenges grab your attention? When looking at life, work, or the world, what makes you think 'That shouldn't be that way'?

The way you spend your attention is similar to the way you spend money — it offers clues about what you value today. There are no right or wrong answers. It’s just data that helps ground yourself in something concrete.

Before you can explore where you, your team, or your organization needs to leap next, start with what you’re paying attention to today. In that awareness, you’ll find clues about what you need next to learn, grow, and re-engage with your work.

Watch the 50-second video here

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