November 13, 2013

Say yes, Show Up, Stay Late

What hasn’t ever started with a yes?

Saying yes opens doors. A mindset that is willing to trying something new ultimately leads to new opportunities.

All of us have had moments of hesitation where we are uncertain about attending or joining something new. But, when we’ve gone forward and pushed past the uncertainty, we’re often surprised by the experiences that we encounter.

If you’re willing to jump into new opportunities, you’ll often find that more will start coming your way. By saying yes the first time, people are more inclined to offer invites the next time.

For example, if a friend has a crazy idea they will most likely bring it to a positive person first–not wanting to be shot down by someone more hesitant. Being that person gives you an influential role at the beginning of great new endeavors.

Show up and follow through with your word. This demonstrates integrity.

Be present and ready for anything. Showing up means more than being a body in the room. The way I am talking about it implies attentiveness, asking good questions, and engaging with the people you around you.

You’ll notice the invites will begin to fade if you don’t show up.

Stay late. In the context of work, staying late demonstrates your commitment to taking responsibility for the job you’ve been entrusted to do.Also, real decisions are made when most people have clocked out for the day. Therefore, by staying late, you’re positioning yourself to be included in the decision-making process.

This advice is simple in theory, but laziness and life’s demands make it difficult to follow.

Just remember:

  • Saying yes open doors
  • There is a difference between attending something and staying for something
  • Some of the most important decisions are made after the meetings are over

Try it out and see what happens.

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