January 14, 2015

Ruminations on The Creative

Ruminations on The Creative from Lance H. Stein on Vimeo.


To bring concepts to life. Make reality from thought.

We're all creative, aren't we? Sure. But some of us call ourselves Creatives. Capital C. Noun. Not adjective.

This Creative class is supposed to think, work and live creatively.

We no longer endorse brands, we become a brand ourselves. And if we're successful, we must protect this cultivated image of a person we appear to be. We mimic this doppelganger, this jabberwocky who steals our sleep with blue thumbs and red hearts.

We invest in a visage of our ego, so that others will know what to expect from us. Live up to expectations? We live for expectations, tying down our once free and fanciful thoughts with sailor’s knots. Stopping to ask ourselves: What would I do in this situation? What sounds the most like me?

Break the fourth wall? Pull back the curtain? Out of the question. The predictable is far more comfortable—and profitable. It's not like you could make a living just creating whatever you want, could you? Or by saying whatever you want, could you?

So who gets to call himself a Creative?

The mechanic who refashions old parts that keep Chevrolets and Studebakers running decades past their prime. Is he creative? Without a doubt. But is he a Creative? Capital C? Noun. Not adjective. Some would say he's not.

The Design Strategist using sophistry to sell more stuff. Is his work somehow more creative? Some would say it is. The word is printed neatly on his business card in simple, safe, Helvetica font.

John Q. Smith: Creative. Capital C. Noun. Not adjective.

If only some of us get to call ourselves Creatives, we should question how we are using this gift. Do we use our talents to solve problems? Or do we create them? To advance others? Or only ourselves.

A creative person should be able to answer that.

Created by Lance Henderstein on a Detroit-to-Chicago train using an iPhone 6.

Music by Loscil.

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