December 20, 2023

Race vs. Hike

The days leading up to the holidays have a funny way of revealing our tendencies.

For the racers among us, it's go! go! go! right up until the bitter end. Just a few more emails to send, a few more items checked off before finally collapsing across the finish line, depleted but feeling accomplished.

For the hikers, it's a welcomed chance to pause — to take in the view without rushing to any particular destination. The final days of the year are a time to share a walk, a long chat with a friend, a decadent agenda except to enjoy the moment.

Neither approach is inherently right or wrong. Sometimes we'll sprint into the holidays with focus and determination. Other times we find ourselves with a bit more space to ease into it all.

As this year draws to a close, what mode are you in? Are you charging ahead or beginning to ease back?

If it's nonstop intensity right now, can you consider 1-2 items to hand off or postpone? Consider it an investment in replenishing your cup so you can pour from a place of abundance when work ramps back up. Things will still be waiting for you — no need to push to the bitter end.

And for those already embracing the pause...consider sharing the gift of presence with someone still in go-mode. No need to fix or advise if they aren't ready to slow down yet. Simply providing space to air their hopes and concerns without judgment can shift energy in powerful ways.

As the new year emerges, remember that you get to keep choosing how you want to lead you life, one step at a time.

Here’s to the end of one year — and the restoration that rest can bring to all of us.

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