April 01, 2020

Now Shipping What's Worth Doing!

Here in Chicago, we're in the third week of self-isolation. If you’re like me, you’re exploring ways to stay sane, creative, and connected.

That’s why I’m elated to share some good news...

This week, we’ve begun shipping our newest product — What’s Worth Doing.

What's Worth Doing is a deck of cards for life's big (and small) decisions. By responding to four prompts with any combination of 85 words, you'll get unstuck and discover new ideas for your next step — all in under 20 minutes.

We funded the project on Kickstarter last November, and within a few short months we’re now shipping!

To make matters even sweeter...

You can now head to www.WhatsWorthDoing.org to share the ideas you developed with the cards. We call these projects “Leaps”!

Whats Worth Doing

The timing feels kinda perfect...

WWD is a new antidote to the cabin fever we're all feeling. Don’t get us wrong, Netflix is a welcomed distraction. But in times of such deep uncertainty, this is a fresh way to design a meaningful project — whether that's starting to write that book you've been thinking about, or exploring more education, or building a community to focus on personal health and wellness. And now, you can share ideas with people from across the country and around the world.

We can’t wait to see what you do next!

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