March 25, 2020

New Ei - COVID Edition

Real talk…

As a founder and business leader, these are trying times. Like many organizations, Ei is feeling the impact. Most of our education work is primarily delivered in person and designed for collaborative work. Not exactly very COVID-19 friendly.

But over the past seven days, our team has rallied to make some helpful changes. Millions of people have been flung into working or managing remotely for the first time. Meanwhile, much of the Ei team has worked remotely since 2013 — helping students and professionals learn and grow across cities and countries around the world.

So, we’ve decided to take our current challenging situation and our love for teaching to create a new addition to Experience Institute: Remote Workshops.

We’ve kept the same focus on practical tools and opportunities to collaborate, applying concepts in real-time, and receiving feedback from peers and instructors. As of today, we’re covering three main topics:

  • Remote Work (for individuals and teams)
  • Remote Management (for leaders)
  • Pushing Through Adversity (for anyone)

Each workshop will be 60 minutes and include supportive pre-workshop content to prep your teams, practical post-workshop guides, and 1:1 office hours for any participant who’d like to troubleshoot their specific challenges.

We’ve designed a simple pricing model and have worked to make this affordable for any company moving their team to remote work.

We just launched a new page on our site for you to learn more. Click here to learn more.

Awesome — anything else?

We’ll also be launching a new free series of live discussions with bright and talented folks who are finding their way through this time (stay tuned for release date). And of course, we’re able to continue shipping our physical products right to your doorstep.

If you’re feeling tired or unsure about how to navigate these waters, just know you’re not alone. Our team is in your corner — and we’re going to stay there.

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