November 03, 2021

Middle Days

I remember certain days vividly. The day I decided to design my masters, the day I gave a TEDx talk, the day I met Ei's first fellows, the day I summited Half Dome, my first day of teaching at Stanford.

But all of those momentous days were preceded by much more important days. There were countless hours of writing, practicing, preparing, and learning from others. Most of those days were simple, even mundane, and sometimes full of doubt. Looking back, it’s nice to think about the big moments, but it’s much more valuable to be reminded of the prior days. Those are the days that really mattered. That’s why I like Wednesdays so much — the in-between days.

You’re likely in the middle of one of those days. You can either choose to long for the moment when something “different” happens or you can come to the beautiful realization that today IS the day that matters for getting to wherever you want to be next. This is the day you were looking for — the day when you were going to learn, try, build, meet, invest, start, stop, continue, etc.

Today is the day.

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