December 15, 2021

Looking Back

I started writing Wednesday Words in December of 2013. It began by sharing a few lessons on my own tiny blog. This was my very first post. There were maybe 20 readers. A few years later, I began posting on Ei’s blog and co-writing with our team. Since then, Wednesday Words has grown to thousands of readers.

The internet is a funny place. I don’t know most of you, and yet, we share this little ritual every week. A few words, a few resources, a quote, etc. It’s a collective learning moment without any faces. I’m both immensely grateful for this practice and secretly hoping we can all meet someday. I have a feeling it would be a great party.

As for today, I want to send a huge thanks to a few people who've made Wednesday Words happen for another year: Stella, Katie, Phoebe, Nic, Sara, Collin. Together, we make sure each issue is helpful, delightful to read, and easy to access.

Before we continue for another year, we’re going to take a look back. Can you share your thoughts about this weekly note? What have you enjoyed? What would you change?

Take 60 seconds to leave your thoughts here.

At the end, we'll share a hefty discount to your next purchase at the Ei store as a dose of gratitude.

Thanks for reading and being part of Ei. We’re huge fans of you and we hope you're heading into restful final days of the year with friends and family.

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