March 17, 2014

Learning With Experience Institute

Learners across the world have been seeking a credible form of education that isn't only more financially viable, but one that takes into account their individual learning style. As we enter this landscape, it’s been incredible to see all of the new and innovative schools that are addressing these needs.

At Experience Institute, we’re creating a higher education for those who value diving into real world experiences. However, our curriculum is more than just a series of apprenticeships. We've spent countless hours researching the best possible combination of curriculum alongside educators, designers, and students from Northwestern, i.c. Stars, and Stanford's We've been prototyping these five core competencies during our quarterly Meeutps in Chicago:

  1. Community Building: The ability both to invite others into your experiences & to be a part of other people’s experiences in an authentic way.
  2. Self-Awareness: The ability to recognize, understand, and document how your values and beliefs shape an experience and environment.
  1. Storytelling: The ability to use language in a way that captures an experience and relates it to others in a meaningful way.
  1. Operations: Identifying and learning the tools need to turn visions and ideas into concrete realities.
  1. Design Thinking: The ability to understand and implement a process of design to problem solve on behalf of the communities of people we want to serve.

These interdisciplinary competencies are taught through interactive learning sessions led by industry leaders. The sessions are also combined with projects around the city of Chicago. We time our meetups before each round of apprenticeships to give our students the opportunity to prepare for their next learning experiences. This way, we can ensure our students graduate with the skills, network, development, and experience necessary to prepare them to be valuable teammates and lifelong learners.

If you haven't applied, now's the time to examine your next step. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or dive right into the application.

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