September 23, 2013

Learning Spaces

Earlier this year, we wrote about the importance of space and the advantages to learning outside of the classroom. So, we made sure to be very mindful when selecting our classrooms for Ei’s first Meetup.

We excitedly began our learning experiences in the same space as mobile developers at The Mobile Makers Academy in Chicago. Then, the rest of the two weeks brought us to medley of studios and co-working spaces around the city: Firebelly Design, The Post Family, Stock Mfg. Co., Threadless, and NextSpace River North.

But, the experiences didn’t just happen from 8AM-6PM. Remember how much you learned in the dorms? We do, which is why we thought it would only be appropriate for our dormitory to be a hostel, Urban Holiday Lofts. The wide-open lofted communal areas added an internationally communal element to the overall experience.

We had a great first Meetup and we have our community to thank.

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