November 11, 2020

Launching: Experience Lab at Penn

For nearly eight years, Experience Institute has worked at the crossroads of higher education and workforce development. 18 months ago, we spun up a new organization specifically designed for recent college grads to launch their careers after college called Experience Lab. Our first partnership was with UC Berkeley.

Now, partnering with Penn

Today, I'm excited to announce Experience Lab at Penn, hosted at the University of Pennsylvania Liberal Professional Studies School (Penn LPS).

Experience Lab at Penn is designed for recent college graduates to gain experience by working full-time with growing global startups. Students also complete coursework in one of two curriculum tracks: Digital Marketing & Storytelling, or Business Development — with more tracks to come. Upon completing the program, Experience Lab fellows are supported by career coaches and hiring partners to take their next career step.

We currently have over 30 fellows who'll be completing our fall pilot program this December. It's been incredible to see their confidence and skillset grow so quickly. Even amidst everything happening in the world, they're soaring.

Building For Spring 2021

If you know a recent college graduate who's been wondering how to navigate today's challenging job market, this program may be perfect. Forward this announcement or send them directly to to learn more or start their application using this link.

Early applications for Experience Lab at Penn are due by November 20, 2020.

Thanks for being part of our community as we continue this work. We're excited to share more about this in the coming weeks.

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