September 16, 2020

We're Hiring!

October 6th Update: This position has been filled! Thanks for your interest. We'll announce future positions as they surface. Over the past seven years, we’ve seen incredible things happen around Experience Institute. Students have launched their careers, professionals have made their next move, companies have taken learning and development to the next level, and universities have shifted their focus to more experiential programs. Now we’re excited to share that we're building our team of instructors! People who teach at Ei have industry knowledge and are interested in creating learning experiences for students and career professionals across industry and seniority level.

More About Who We're Looking For

Imagine combining your favorite boss and your favorite college professor. That’s you. You’ve worked in an industry long enough to have made a difference on a company or team. Maybe you’re still working there. Now, you want to share what you're learning because you genuinely have an interest in helping others grow. You’re organized enough to write content, work on a deadline, and create digital materials alongside a team. And you have experience facilitating workshops or leading classes. You may have experience with some of the topics we teach (Growth Mindset, Storytelling, Problem Solving, etc), or you may be a quick study. Perhaps you even want to offer entirely new courses within the Ei wheelhouse. In any case, you know you want education to be part of your career path. The full job description is available here. If this sounds like you or someone you know, please send a cover letter and resume to Thanks for helping us grow our team and for being part of the Ei family.

The Spark You’ve Been Looking For

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