October 20, 2021

Growing Together

Throughout your life, people have helped you grow. Even just a little. Coaches, managers, teachers, counselors, family, friends, investors — you didn’t get here without at least a few people going out of their way to make sure you could take your next step. I think about those people in my life everyday.

At times, an opportunity will surface for you to do that for someone else.

Every time you meet someone new, you are faced with a choice: spend time and energy on that person, or don’t. Every bit of time and resources you spend on someone else is planting a seed. Some will grow, some won’t. Most of the time, you’ll never know.

Your energy and resources are limited. But with every seed you plant, there is immeasurable potential. So when you have the energy, take the call, respond to that email, go for that walk, pull that person aside.

Because the world doesn’t just need better products, services, or tech — it needs people who care enough to help others along.

Victor and the Ei Team

PS: Our workshop From Manager to Coach covers this topic. If you’re interested in bringing it to your company, stop by here.

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