December 14, 2022

Going Into the Garage

It’s been nearly 10 years since I wrote the first Wednesday Words. Since then, this has turned from a personal writing practice with a few readers into a place where the entire Ei team and I share ideas about the future of work and learning with thousands of remarkable people (you!).

Whether you’ve been reading since the beginning, or you just joined, thanks for being here. And to the Ei team who’s written, edited, and produced these week after week, thank you for the passion you bring to this practice.

Now, it’s time to put Wednesday Words into the garage.

We pour a lot of time, attention, and care into each issue of Wednesday Words. And we think about you and your lives as we write. To that end, we’re working on our 2023 calendar and want to hear what’s been most helpful to you. What about this weekly(ish) note has sparked joy for you? What has been particularly useful? What would you change? What should we research and write about next?

If you could take 60 seconds to leave your thoughts here, it would mean a great deal to us. And as a small thank you, we’ll share a steep discount code for your next purchase at the Ei store.

Thanks for jumping in here. We hope you know how grateful we are for this community. You really are an amazing crew. Wishing you and yours a restful holiday season. See you in 2023!

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