September 08, 2013

Getting Started

Two years ago, I sat in my basement apartment, staring at my last paycheck, wondering if leaving my job was a massive mistake.

I remember facing looming questions as I prepared to chase a seemingly foolish pipe dream of creating my own education. Like any good adventure, the following months were riddled with challenge and fraught with uncertainty.

As I got started, I met remarkable people, many of you, who let me work on great projects, create new things, and who shared their own hopes and risks. Along the way, my dreams were shaped and my values deepened.

Now, two years later (almost to the day), seven amazing individuals are traveling to Chicago from around the country to explore if and how we can create a new type of school based on real-world experiences. Needless to say, these are exciting times.

Though we’ve kept many of the details quiet, we've been hard at work to prepare for these first two weeks and we look forward to sharing the journey along the way. Stay in touch with us here.

Wherever you are today, we hope that you pay attention to your crazy ideas. You never know what will happen when you pursue them – how you’ll change, who you’ll inspire, or what you’ll create. If you're hesitant or on the edge, I think you should start soon. Call me biased, but I even think you should start today

Keep Leaping,


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