July 22, 2013

Staying Inspired: Escape the City

Last summer, I spent a few weeks in Washington, D.C., and one day while I was there I visited this sweet place to make some special t-shirts. While browsing the center’s gallery of silk-screen prints, I found one they’d done of a quote:

“So much was uncertain; but the question was not what to do or where to go, but to live a life of courage or not.”

While I do like this sentiment of realizing that there is opportunity to live courageously no matter where you find yourself (I must, if I’ve remembered it for a year now), I think that sometimes there is, actually, a question of how that courage plays out in your life. Sometimes you need an idea—maybe even just a spark of an idea—to be able to make that first leap into the unknown, to follow where you think your courage is leading you. After all, to be successful at something, you do have to be doing something.

Enter Escape the City—a unique group dedicated to helping unfulfilled people leave corporate jobs in search of something more. Conscious of the fact that they weren’t the only ones feeling uninspired by the corporate business world, the founders of the group launched a website where unique, interesting employment opportunities could be posted and found. For people itching for a change of pace, looking for their next move, it’s a goldmine of inspiring stories, networking opportunities, and job opportunities out of the norm—such as a position with The School of Life in London, or a job running a horse stable in Kenya with GoWild Africa.

And if you’ve found your golden ticket but still are unsure of your ability to make it on your own risk, Escape the City’s ready to help out there too. Besides just being a place to look for a new job if your career is feeling stale, Escape the City is also a community. You can read other site members’ “Escape Stories,” comment on them, form connections, and find all kinds of articles and resources meant to inspire you and urge you away from any state of apathy, lethargy, or fear you might be battling. Check it out, try this one.

Of course, the underlying theme is one of fulfillment. It’s about finding meaning in your work, and leading a more intentional, stimulating, and satisfying life. We tend to like that sort of stuff around here. The founders of Escape the City are people who did exactly that, and now use their experience to help others do the same. It’s something worth taking the time to check out.

By Jen Kelso

Jen Kelso is earning bachelor’s degrees in Biology and Environmental Studies, while simultaneously exercising her creative side. She loves a great story, environmental sustainability innovations, spending time in bookstores, the smell and feel of good earthy dirt, writing, exploring new places, learning about ecology, staying up all night, and any way that she can connect these interests. Though she is still in the process of figuring out how she’s going to combine all of this to make the world a better place, she has a feeling she’s getting closer to the answer.

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