July 22, 2020

Interview with Seamus Yu Harte

What does an angsty cross-country trip, a gig in the coat check scene, and Stanford have in common?

Meet my friend Seamus...

What's Worth Doing, Seamus?

Seamus is one of my dearest friends. We first met at the coffee shop at Stanford (COHO) on my very first visit in 2013. We both shared a frustration with traditional education systems and a passion to poke, prod, and push those systems forward. It was a match made in anti-classroom-heaven.

From Yoko Ono to David Kelley, Seamus Yu Harte has worked with world-class creatives to design transformative learning experiences. He's part of the d.school family at Stanford, co-founder of Only People, a musician, and a father.

In our conversation, Seamus walks me down the windy career path that let him to Palo Alto and a career at the intersection of design and teaching. We'll revisit the google search which impulsively prompted a move from Michigan to the bay area, a shared elevator ride that kick-started work in San Francisco's club scene, and how conversations with current students bring clarity to Seamus's next leap.

Seamus helps remind us that leaps of all sizes can bring meaning and intention to life.

PS: This show is part of a new series called What's Worth Doing (named after our newest deck of cards). Each episode shares one decision that changed someone's life for the better, and one leap they hope to take next. Watch the previous episodes with Renetta McCann and Samir Wagle here.

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