January 31, 2024

Ei meets AI!

Today, I'm incredibly excited to share our newest project. We just finished creating a brand new AI tool to help you discover your next step in life or work —a “Leap Coach” for your Leap Year! Here's the backstory and your invitation to join in the goodness:

First, the Challenge

As you grow in your life and work, there are times when you begin to itch for growth, change, or your next direction, but you're not sure how to start. We've seen that it's best to start as wide as possible with self-discovery, exploration, and creativity.

Ei's Leaps process with companies begins with that work. We often lead those kickoffs at offsites or virtual workshops that are engaging and lead to real lightbulb moments. But we’ve wondered, how might we help more people start that Leaps work anytime, anywhere — especially this year!

The Exploration

One of our teammates and friends, Scott Meyer, offered to help us consider AI as a solution for that first step in a Leap. Together, the Ei team uploaded hours of facilitation transcripts, all of our research on Leaps, and hundreds of prior Leap Stories. All of this helped to “educate” the AI on our Leaps process and how we guide participants through it.

The Voice

We then spent hours working to engineer the prompts so that the conversation would feel like a guided conversation with an Ei Facilitator and Coach. We also gave the entire experience a bit of extra warmth with a couple of easter eggs ;)

And Now…

The AI Leap Coach is live! Their name is Zeze and it’s open to anyone (for free). The conversation with Zeze can range from a few minutes to a 30-minute conversation. The confidential responses you share with Zeze are yours and you can even export your conversation to share with a loved one or a colleague, or just to keep on hand.

Your Turn!

We’ve tested this with ~70 people so far. It's still a work in progress, so we’d love your feedback on how to make the experience better. After your conversation with Zeze, you can share your thoughts in the form at the end or just reply to this email. Remember, we’re real people who care about supporting you and your team’s growth.

Special Thanks

We wouldn’t have been able to make this happen without Scott and Hunter Hodnett. You can learn more about their work in the Links Worth Visiting section below.

Can’t wait to see what you make with Zeze!

Meet Zeze here: https://expinstitute.com/2024-leaps

PS: If you have signed up to host a Leap Gathering on Feb 29th, Zeze will be something you can share with your friends/attendees before the days leading up to your event! If you’d like to join the cohort of 60+ people who are hosting in ~40 locations around the world, add your name here.

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