March 22, 2018

Consciousness Hacking: Driven by Love to the Cutting Edge of Technology

I was on a Skype call with Marc Winn. He was on Guernsey Island off the coast of France and I was in downtown Chicago. My mind tried once again to find the words to explain how important I believe it is to view our experiences through a series of infinite frequency interactions. This was another of my many attempts to communicate how significant it is to me to never lose sight of how what we perceive as properties, such as matter, are actually just representing a depiction of a transitory densities resulting from a unique combination of vibrational interactions. The Beatles articulated this in less scientific terms, “I am you and you are me and we are all together,” helping to disclose our innate interconnectedness with everything. Getting lost in hippie dippie love songs is a valued past-time, yet I’ve always desired to leverage this perspective to bring more love into the world in more tangible ways. And today’s playground often includes the world of what we call technology. Often in the past, when I’ve disclosed my passion for this perspective, the reactions involve how it’s rather irrelevant to a career pursuit, especially because I don’t have a degree in quantum physics or anything so deeply entrenched in the mathematical modeling of it all.

But this time was different.

Marc’s reaction was one of complete understanding. He didn’t even ask for clarification. He actually spoke to how most of the modern day ventures in exponential technology effectively impact culture, yet they hit a wall when it comes to consciousness expansion.

A small part of me felt validated. Finally.

Marc then proceeded to tell me about a growing assembly of people from around the world: Consciousness Hacking. He explained that this group shares ardent passions for helping tackle the world’s most critical challenges, yet through the lens of where the most fundamental levels of technology meet the most fundamental levels of human existence.

The best part is it’s also all in the name of mindfulness, empathy and love.

All of a sudden, my previous self-doubts about lack of scientific degrees suspended for a moment. There must be somewhere within this community I can explore where my own unique talents can help. The following months marked a pivotal moment in my dive into pursuing my deepest dreams and the Consciousness Hacking (CH) community played a big role in that. I attended CH meet-ups in Manhattan and San Francisco. And even participated in the Transformative Technology Conference, a major Consciousness Hacking assembly held at Sofia University in Palo Alto. I heard energetic founders of companies speak to how their products help induce mindfulness. I listened in fascination to scientists explain how we can quantify brain waves emitted and then activate a transformative healing process to generate new waves, ones more associated with joy instead of fear. We played with tools of entrainment. We engaged in dialogues about methods of what empathy means in science. And so.much.more.

What I discovered is this is not only a rare group of people who don’t settle for less than bringing love into the world, they also pursue it at the most effective and potent channels.

Do I think what we term “technology” is the answer to dissolving suffering within the human experience? No. But I think it’s one tool we have to work with as a current and potent extension of our own selves. It's also an effective lens to comprehend our already innate interconnectedness. I'm also curious to explore how technology can help us reveal interactive patterns in real-time that have never before been visualized or experienced. Although, regardless of the tool, opening broader access to love is fundamentally what I’m after. Amid many ego-driven business pursuits, there’s also a community of humans that don’t settle for less than the driving purpose of helping humans to suffer less. This emerging wave of people are assembling under the Consciousness Hacking umbrella, helping our species to ultimately access more love in tangible ways.

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