May 29, 2024

29th Gift: Coaching Cards

This week is part of a series called “29th Gifts.” Each month, around the 29th, we’re giving away a tool we’ve built for free or at a steep discount. Let’s dive into this week’s gift!

“I’m stuck on what to do next.”

I’m just finishing up my fifth Leaps program in a year as a facilitator and coach, so I’ve heard this a time or two. And even if you haven’t participated in a Leaps program, you’ve likely said this phrase at some point while working on a project or problem. I know I have.

Sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in the mud; even a small step forward would require an almost impossible effort. Other times, it's the opposite. Instead of feeling stuck, I feel untethered, like I'm swimming in a sea of ideas and decisions. In either case, while it doesn’t feel great at the moment, I know I’m on the edge of growth.

Growth comes with challenges

Anytime you do something differently in your life and work, you’re stretching. Moving from your comfort zone deep into the learning zone means pushing the boundaries of your creativity and problem-solving. Really, that’s the point. That’s the place where you grow.

It’s the point in the coaching process where I see the leaper at risk of settling for less. If you’ve reached this place in your learning, you might have felt discouraged or lost confidence in yourself and your direction. Maybe you’ve hit a wall on the novel you’re writing, or the prototype you’re testing isn’t landing with your team. Maybe something at work has zapped you of your energy, and you’re completely unmotivated to keep pushing new ideas forward.

What matters isn’t that you’ve gotten stuck. It’s what you’re going to do about it.

So, how do you unlock inspiration?

The best thing you can do is take a step forward, even if it's a small one. Any action, no matter how minor, is better than inaction, and momentum can drive you forward in surprising ways. Here are a few simple actions to help unlock inspiration:

  • A conversation with a trusted friend about your roadblock that gives you a new perspective on it
  • A brainstorming session where you allow yourself to think of every possible solution, no matter how wild
  • A cleaning of your desk, laptop, or room so that you can focus without clutter or distraction

While these things may seem small, they can make all the difference when you hit a growth edge.

A tool to help you

When we built the Leap Kit, we knew that friendly nudges would be key for continued progress. But thinking about a challenge in a new way on your own is difficult.

That’s why we designed our Coaching Cards. Inspired by leading authors, artists, entrepreneurs, and educators, they’re packed full of activities and ideas for getting unstuck.

The cards are split into the four phases of a Leap with Ei – Discover, Prepare, Act, and Share – so you can get some support and inspiration at every stage. The prompts, questions, and exercises will encourage you to think differently and dig deeper. All you need to do is pull one from the stack and get to work.

For this month’s 29th gift, we’re offering you our Coaching Cards for just $5 (originally priced at $15)! The sale is live in our store until Friday at midnight. They’ll be an inspiring and colorful addition to your learning toolkit.

Whatever challenge has got you stuck, remember that a little change in your thinking can make all the difference. The first step is often the biggest leap and a little push from a coach is often all you need.

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