March 26, 2015

Applications Now Open for Ei’s Fall 2015 Program

Join Ei’s Powerful 12-Month Program and Gain Real-World Experience Through Coaching, Apprenticeships and Travel.

Education is powerful. It leads individuals into greater opportunities and shapes our society as a whole.

It seems, however, that much of our education happens outside of the classroom; when we’re faced with challenges that no amount of studying could resolve.

So how can we provide individuals with the tools they'll need to contribute in the ever-changing real world?

At Ei, we invite students to design their education through experience.

We are entering our third year of providing a transformative, experience-based education program.

Since our inception, we’ve collaborated with education and industry leaders like Stanford’s design school and ad giant Leo Burnett. And recently, we were recognized by Forbes for our innovative approach to higher education.

We believe that learning happens when an individual is willing to take risks. By teaching interdisciplinary skills and partnering with remarkable teammates and host companies, we equip our students with the confidence necessary to design their education and, in turn, their future.

Our role is to guide students on a remarkable year-long journey of challenges, apprenticeships, coaching and discovery.

Are you ready to apply?

The May 22 deadline to apply for the Fall 2015 session is coming up fast!

Ei participants can simply apply here. Peers, family members and teachers can also nominate students.

The Ei curriculum includes a series of three experiences, mentoring from top business leaders and group Meetups. Students develop critical skills in community building, storytelling, self-awareness, operations and design thinking, and document their journey through various digital and analog tools. Leo Burnett, SapientNitro, NBBJ and Threadless are just a few of the companies that have teamed up with Experience Institute to support students and provide apprenticeships.

But don’t just take it from us. Learn from our students about how the Ei program provided skills and a portfolio that equipped them for a future filled with opportunity.

April Soetarman, a graduate of Ei’s inaugural 2013 program, said: “The skills that you learn at Ei are lifelong skills that you can apply to any field that you go into.”

During her year at Ei, April was a project lead at a digital creative agency in Chicago, a sound and architecture designer in Seattle, and a creative strategist for one of the largest ad agencies in the world, Leo Burnett. April is currently working as designer for the architecture firm NBBJ.

Ideal candidates for Experience Institute are bright self-starters who are contemplating graduate school but learn best through hands-on experience and real-world challenges. Students attending Ei gain creative confidence as well as professional experience and a portfolio that helps them understand the world, their skill set, and how they best work with a team.

“Our alumni are the best example of Ei’s impact. As students, they divided their terms between monasteries and creative agencies, built earthships in the Philippines, and developed design strategies in corporate ad companies. Now, as graduates, their experiences have led them to work as freelancers, launch new ventures, and accept job offers from some of the companies they apprenticed with during their year at Ei,” said Victor Saad, who founded Experience Institute after doing his own 12-month, experience-based program.

"Ei apprentices have a drive and hunger to learn that's deeply seated in the belief that their apprenticeships are their classrooms," shared Valerie Carlson, Executive Creative at digital branding agency SapientNitro, " they dive all in."

For more information, and to apply or nominate a student, visit:

To get in touch with an Ei team member visit:

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you’ll soon be a part of the growing Ei community!

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