December 27, 2023

Thank You for Another Great Year!

Nearly every week for the past year, a few people and I have met to think about what to write to you. Sometimes, these Wednesday Words are personal stories, or a behind-the-scenes look at a project, or simply lessons worth sharing.

We love this practice, this work, and the small ways it brings the Ei community (you!) together. Even more importantly, we love the ways you respond, add your thoughts, and share your own lessons back with us.

Next year, we’ll continue Wednesday Words, and it’ll be linked to other things too:

  • connecting through virtual sessions
  • sharing in-person dinners on the 29th of February
  • meeting you at conferences and events
  • launching more Leap Programs with teams interested in working better together

Whatever happens, we’ll keep bringing a dose of inspiration in the middle of your workweek — with kindness, care, and creativity. Because that’s how you’ve shown up with us. And whatever is happening in the world or in our lives, we believe a Leap that’s always worth taking is to support one another’s growth.

For now, keep enjoying all of the festivities that the winter holidays bring. We’ll see you in the new year.

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