September 14, 2022

Announcing: Experience Playlists

Today, we're launching something new from the Ei Sandbox (our research space and idea incubator). We can’t wait to share it with you.

Our next learning experiment will be: Experience Playlists!

What are Experience Playlists?

If you’re old enough to have made a mixtape or burned a CD, you know where playlists began. In 2001, Steve Jobs took it to another level when Apple introduced the iPod: 1,000 songs in your pocket. It fundamentally changed how we listen to music. Since then, the idea of playlists has been adopted by nearly every form of media — from Youtube videos to Netflix shows.

So what if we applied playlists to how we learn?

In the same way you might curate a playlist of songs or videos, Experience Playlists allow you to customize your learning based on where you’re coming from and where you want to go. Choose from a set of discrete experiences in any specific category designed by a team of researchers. These experiences range from short, one-time boosts to longer, more in-depth activities accomplished over several days. Think of each activity as a song – how you put them together is up to you.

Our first Experience Playlist will focus on Resilience.

To test the concept of Experience Playlists, we’re building a program called Practicing Resilience.

The no. 1 issue facing workers and teams today is burnout. Work-related stress is at an all-time high. It's leading individuals to work in a constant state of stress. And it’s leaving teams scrambling after losing key people again and again.

In Practicing Resilience you'll find a mix of live workshops, individualized coaching, and a series of 20+ unique experiences you can choose from to curate your learning.

How will it work?

When: October 11th - November 17th

Who: Learning Leaders, team managers, or individuals interested in learning practices for resilient lives and work. You'll be able to apply the lessons to your own life or level-up how you're leading others.

What's included:

  • 2 live workshops — one at the beginning and one at the end.
  • 20+ experiences focused on resilience. Each participant will choose a number of experiences that fit into their lives & work.
  • 2 small group coaching sessions — to support your work.
  • Private login to a community portal to access all of your content, chat with instructors, and connect with peers.
  • All supporting materials for the experiences.

This playlist will help you reignite your creativity, clarify your next steps to live and work differently, and build a toolbox for navigating change that you can use with others.

How much will it cost?

Ei learning programs usually cost between $750-$1,500/person. But since this is a Sandbox project, we've discounted the program to $500 all-in. For those who need additional financial assistance to participate, there’s a 50%, no-questions-asked reduced rate (code: FRIEND). And if you need further assistance, just reach out.

How many people will participate?

The program will be capped at 20 participants so we can make sure everyone receives ample attention. We held an early launch to our Sandbox Subscribers last week. Today, there are 7 spots remaining.

Great. How do I sign up?

Head to our private page for Practicing Resilience (password: Sandbox) to join us. Registration will close on September 21st. And if you have any questions, just reply.

Thank you!

We're really excited about this first Sandbox experience and can't wait to continue mixing transformative experiences, remarkable people, and self-directed learning into lives and workplaces.

Password: sandbox

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