August 03, 2022

34 New Fellows

Hey, I’m just back from a personal trip to the Middle East. It was really special. More on that soon. But for today, the team and I have a special request. If you're interested in hiring young, diverse, trained talent this fall, read the exciting update below and jump in if you’re able:

Quick Backstory

Ten years ago, Experience Institute was founded on a simple premise: experiences are transformational. The first program we created was for college/grad students to launch their careers through three work experiences in 12 months. We were described as “Harvard meets the Amazing Race.”

As we placed students with a growing network of companies, those leaders began sharing a need for non-traditional learning experiences as well. So, we began designing experiential programs for the workplace — an initiative that has helped companies build better cultures, retain people, and spark new products/services.

Now, Ei Has Two Sides…

We facilitate experiences that (a) help students become leaders, and (b) help leaders become students.

It’s that simple.

Our Next Cohort of Recent Grads Are Here!

Over the past few years, we adjusted our higher ed program to focus on helping students build skills in trending careers while placing them in growing companies. That program is now called Experience Lab and it’s partnered with UPenn.

Last week, we met with the 34 fellows from around the world who have joined the upcoming fall cohort. After months of reviewing applications and vetting this class, it was amazing to finally see them in one place. It’s by far one of the most diverse groups we’ve ever had — mostly consisting of first-generation and underrepresented college grads.

Now we need your help

Our fellows have started their training and will be ready to join companies by mid-September. By the end of this year, they will have received intensive training in a thriving career path (Digital Marketing, Business Development, or Data Science) and worked their first full-time role for 3-4 months. A big part in making all that happen is our incredible network of host companies who hire those fellows.

And, that's where you come in. Is your team on the search for young, diverse talent? Pre-vetted, supported students who can add value from day one?

If so, there is no fee for you to join our network of host companies and no obligation to hire a fellow. If you do work with someone this fall, there are no recruiting fees if you decide to hire them after they finish our program in December. All we ask is that you compensate a student for the time they work with your company.

Next, you can learn more and sign up here. We can’t wait to see what you and these students make together.

Building Together

In any case, know that the work to make transformative, experiential education accessible from college through career is happening. Thank you for being part of it, supporting it, and encouraging it.

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