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Stories that Move

Course Overview

Whether it’s pitching new work to a client, rallying the team to hit an important deadline, or implementing a new process, everyone in an organization needs to be able to move others to action. This workshop explores the role that storytelling can play in bringing people together around shared values to address a problem or make a change.

Participants bring a current business or organizational challenge and leave having crafted a strategic story of "self, us, and now" that will help them make progress toward their goal.

Course Takeaways

Use Ganz's Public Narrative framework to compel action on challenges that need buy-in or participation from others

Understand the role of “head” and “heart” in persuasive communication

Experience the power of getting feedback early and often in the storytelling process

Center human stories in operational and organizational change processes

Draw inspiration from compelling examples of public narrative at work, name the challenge at hand, the audience, and the call to action

Consider opportunities to apply storytelling frameworks to drive operational and organizational change

Great exercises, great examples, the frameworks were super helpful. I will absolutely use them for work. I am currently working with my team to improve my presentation skills, so I will jot down notes in the form of these storytelling frameworks. I will also think of new campaigns or ideas in this manner too. Hopefully, this will also carry over into my personal life, as my stories need some help!

Our Methodology

Learn through Experience

Experiences are what change how we see ourselves and the world. People who thrive are curious, focused, have a bias towards action, and pursue ongoing learning.

Ei's methodology is rooted in the belief that the deepest learning occurs through experience. Each workshop addresses specific personal or organizational challenges and then cycles through the pillars of experiential learning.

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