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Reaching Goals

Set Aside Strategic Time to Determine Not Just Where You’re Headed, but Also How You’re Going to Get There

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Reaching Goals

Course Overview

This is not your average “SMART” goal-setting workshop. In this workshop, we’ll unpack the purpose and pitfalls of different types of goals.

Rooted in the science of motivation and perseverance, participants will gain a powerful framework to establish a clear vision for the future and the steps it will take to guide them there.

Course Takeaways

An under-the-hood look at how our brains and collective society operate within the construct of goals

Gain a template for thinking through, setting, evaluating, and reaching personal and professional goals

Understand the brain science of goal setting

Discuss and evaluate the role of goals in the workplace

Amass a prototype of working goals for the year and a process for tracking outcomes

Build measures of accountability between colleagues and teams

This was packed with helpful information — glad we will have reference materials to keep. I really enjoyed the pace and the engagement of the facilitators and also appreciated the focus on the science behind setting goals.

Our Methodology

Learn through Experience

Experiences are what change how we see ourselves and the world. People who thrive are curious, focused, have a bias towards action, and pursue ongoing learning.

Ei's methodology is rooted in the belief that the deepest learning occurs through experience. Each workshop addresses specific personal or organizational challenges and then cycles through the pillars of experiential learning.

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