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Personal Brand Identity

Learn about Powerful Branding Tools You Can Use to Develop Clarity in Your Personal Strengths and How to Help Them Show Up in Your Life and Work

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Personal Brand Identity

Course Overview

A brand is a relationship between an entity and the people who engage with it. Today more than ever, the term has shifted from companies and products, to every individual. Each person has an opportunity to determine how they want to show up on their teams and in the world at large.

The Personal Brand Identity employs a simpler but powerful framework to bridge self-awareness and a relationship-centric approach to building a brand.

Course Takeaways

Engage in a powerful exercise to define a personal brand

Build a deeper understanding of how you hope to communicate in various settings

Discover reflective processes for evaluating and recentering around personal values

Develop connections with colleagues through discussing personal brand guides. Reflect on the alignment between how you want to be perceived and how others see you

Define new activities for creating work and a life that represents your professional brand

I feel far more willing to iterate and fail in service of succeeding more down the line. More open to collaboration, opening up the creative process to others, and am far more self-aware about my work style now.

Our Methodology

Learn through Experience

Experiences are what change how we see ourselves and the world. People who thrive are curious, focused, have a bias towards action, and pursue ongoing learning.

Ei's methodology is rooted in the belief that the deepest learning occurs through experience. Each workshop addresses specific personal or organizational challenges and then cycles through the pillars of experiential learning.

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