The LEAPS™ Program

An Internal Innovation Sprint to Design and Test a Prototype within an Organizational Challenge

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Five 2-hour workshops w/coaching over 60 days
Virtual, In-person, or Hybrid

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The LEAPS™ Program

Course Overview

LEAPS™ is our flagship program and embodies the journey of how Ei came to be. This immersive 60-Day experience guides a cohort of employees through an innovation framework designed around an interest or a company challenge. In two months, trust and community are strengthened, transferable skills are developed, and sometimes million-dollar ideas are hatched (ask us for the story!) It’s fast, sometimes messy, and often referred to as the most transformative experience of an employee’s career.

Over the course of LEAPS™, participants remain in their full-time roles but spend 5-15% of their time learning how to develop innovative, adaptive solutions to personal or company challenges. On-site workshops, video instruction, and coaching calls guide participants (either in teams or as individuals) through a process to move from idea to prototype. The experience has a dual mission: to teach participants a new way of learning and problem solving and to help them make tangible progress on a specific project.

Course Takeaways

Identify strengths and passions in order to better incorporate them into work

Learn how to frame challenges and navigate ambiguity

Practice concepts of prototyping through rapid iteration and holding a bias towards action

Gain a method to create low fidelity artifacts that help communicate an idea

Draw on existing resources to design and successfully complete projects

Learn impactful presentation tools and apply them at a final storytelling night

Within a short period of time, I had a chance to make something meaningful and see real results. That felt amazing.

Our Methodology

Learn through Experience

Experiences are what change how we see ourselves and the world. People who thrive are curious, focused, have a bias towards action, and pursue ongoing learning.

Ei's methodology is rooted in the belief that the deepest learning occurs through experience. Each workshop addresses specific personal or organizational challenges and then cycles through the pillars of experiential learning.

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