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Leading through Change

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Leading through Change

Course Overview

In this workshop, professionals explore Bridges’ Transition Model and reflect on the feelings that accompany each stage: ending/losing/letting go, the neutral zone, and new beginnings. They learn how each person on their team experiences those stages at their own pace. Leaders practice employing the 3 E’s of change: Empathize, Enroll & Experiment in order to ease the transition for their teams. They’ll leave ready to conduct two empathy interviews of their direct reports.

Course Takeaways

• Understand the stages to change and how pace of transition varies person to person

Return to their teams prepared to conduct two empathy interviews to better understand team members’ values and priorities

Rethink team communications by incorporating the 3 E’s: Empathize, Enroll & Experiment

Engage in a role-play to develop a comms plan for rolling out a specific company change

Brainstorm small experiments to conduct in order to reduce a larger change to something more bite-sized

Implement new frameworks and approaches to a current business challenge

“This session was great. As a seasoned leader, I wish I had this information many years ago. What I learned here will help me to catch myself before just jumping in to solve a problem instead of empowering and working with my team for the solution.”

Our Methodology

Learn through Experience

Experiences are what change how we see ourselves and the world. People who thrive are curious, focused, have a bias towards action, and pursue ongoing learning.

Ei's methodology is rooted in the belief that the deepest learning occurs through experience. Each workshop addresses specific personal or organizational challenges and then cycles through the pillars of experiential learning.

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